What is TVC?

The Veterinary Cooperative was started by four veterinarians from around the country who had a common goal to level the playing field in pricing, marketing and business techniques between independent practices and the growing corporate hospitals, big box stores, pharmacies and online providers that are encroaching on the independent animal hospital's ability to be profitable. TVC aims to keep our hospitals competitive and profitable. TVC is differentiated from other purchasing groups in the market place because of our unique ownership structure (we are owned by our participating hospitals), an atmosphere that focuses on cooperation on all levels, and our dedication to providing premier education. and we encourage our clinics to be an equal in that equation.

Are you the right fit?

Join the only veterinarian-owned cooperative that rewards you for working together!  With over 4,000 independent hospitals participating nationwide, we can turn the tide in the veterinary industry. TVC is looking for those professionals who are committed to making the independent veterinary space more successful now and in the future. If you are excited to contribute your ideas, support our partners, participate in TVC best practice initiatives AND grow your business, sign up today at www.tvc.coop/join. TVC provides partnerships and programs that support YOU and we encourage our clinics to be an active participant in that equation.

TVC's Mission

TVC will be a positive cooperative community of veterinarians and suppliers, who share a vision to provide the best animal care through independent veterinary practices, mutually benefiting all who do business with the Cooperative.  TVC will be owned and guided by its independently owned veterinary members and will be managed by professional cooperative personnel. All profits will be returned to TVC member veterinarians in the form of rebate distributions.

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